Foot Positioner

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Foot Positioner

The Foot Positioner for the iPad Scanner

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Our fully integrated iPad scanning system is easy to learn, with powerful benefits for clinics.

Our Technology



$1,200 for scanner/ iPad unit. Based on volume, we offer both discounts and free loans of the complete system. Please get in touch to learn more.



○ Sub 5-minute scan and submit
○ Portable – scan anywhere
○ Reduced turn-around time
○ Less expensive than alternatives



Our custom iOS App allows both the scanning and Rx form to be completed within a single application. Everything is sent to the lab with one click.

Paracast™ Foot Positioner

The Foot Positioner for the iPad Scanner

We have partnered with some of North America’s leading technology companies to provide better prescription tools for our clients, as well as implementing a state of the art manufacturing system for our team at the laboratory. The result on both ends is a higher degree of accuracy and quality.