Creating a Successful Clinic Website

Creating an online presence is now an essential part of any successful business. As a foot specialist, you know you offer products and services that will help your patients with mobility, comfort, and relief.   A good website will bring in more customers by: Increase legitimacy and credibility Increasing visibility and name recognition Giving a… Continue reading Creating a Successful Clinic Website

Clinical Biomechanics Quiz

1. A patient returns two weeks after having orthotics dispensed and complains of orthotics slipping from side to side. Examination reveals orthotic 1/2″ proximal to the metatarsal heads. What adjustment is most likely needed? a. Decrease rearfoot varus post b. Increase rearfoot varus post c. Decrease length of orthotic d. Decrease calcaneal inclination angle e.… Continue reading Clinical Biomechanics Quiz

Biomechanical Management of Forefoot Deformities

The purpose of this article is to present a practical, biomechanical approach to managing various common forefoot deformities.   Hammertoe Deformities     When a patient’s chronic heloma dura becomes markedly symptomatic, periodic palliation may become less appealing to them and another solution may be more appropriate. When the lesion is associated with a contracted… Continue reading Biomechanical Management of Forefoot Deformities

Experience is the Difference

“Experience is the one thing you can’t get for nothing.” Oscar Wilde   Paragon has been a leader in orthotic manufacturing for over 45 years. A vital component of our success has been the experience and know-how of our technicians.   Without the skill and expertise of our employees, regardless of how superior our materials… Continue reading Experience is the Difference