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Paragon newsletters have long served as an intellectual forum for those practicing in our industry. We take great pride in sharing articles that have been contributed from our past and current clients.

knee pain

Popliteal Tendonitis

It is not uncommon for some runners to develop lateral knee pain. This symptom is often associated with a significant reduction in subtalar joint motion,

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Case of the Season #3

Patient: Female, 14 years, 105 lbs Complaints Redness, pain and swelling on the back of both feels, several months duration. History Negative- no specific history

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cuboid bone at different angles

Cuboid Syndrome

In Brief: About 4% if the athletes with foot problems seen by the authors had cuboid syndrome. The authors say that the syndrome is common

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Paragon's state of the art correcting software

Orthotic Adjustments

The ideal situation is one where a patient is experiencing pain, the practitioner prescribes an orthotic, this orthotic relieves their pain and everyone lives happily

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Happy toes

Hallux Limitus

  Hallux Limitus is a condition causing inflammation and soreness of the big toe, accompanied by restriction of movement. If untreated, it can lead to

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Painful shins

Shin Splints

  Shin splints are a painful injury, common among athletes, soldiers and dancers. They are one of a number of injuries caused by repetitive overuse

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Paragon orthotics in action

Pediatric Biomechanics

Pediatric Biomechanics   Kids are not simply little adults, especially when it comes to their physiology. To understand pediatric biomechanics as it relates to lower

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