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We enhance how people live by hand-crafting the finest prescription orthotics.

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iPad Scanner

While we accept all traditional casting and scanning methods, our full integrated iPad scanning system is easy to learn and has powerful benefits for clinics.

Custom Orthotics

Paragon has a wide range of device types to choose from. Whatever your client needs for their orthotic therapy, we can make it.

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Digital Orthosis Compound

DOC allows you to quickly mold a wide variety of custom-formed digital devices.  Firm but yielding, soft yet durable, DOC is an indispensable tool for total foot care.

Truly Custom. Everytime.

The Paragon team is full of talented people who are dedicated to creating high quality orthotic devices. Bringing a solution to your patient through orthotic therapy is our mission, and we work as closely as needed with our clients to make sure that we deliver the best results every time.

Craftsmanship Guarantee

Dr. Shenin Mohamed DPM
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"This orthotic laboratory is exceptional, without a doubt. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for over 10 years and I recommend them without hesitation. Excellent customer service. Excellent value for the custom made product they manufacture. 5 stars!!!"
Dr. Chris Fernando DPM
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"I have used Paragon as the primary supplier for orthotics in my clinic since 1984. What I look for in a lab, is their ability to produce a quality product and good customer service. The staff at Paragon are willing to work with the practitioner to get the best possible outcome for the patient. I consider Paragon to be an extension of my clinical team. They produce quality orthotics. Offer excellent warranty. Quick turnaround. I really appreciate the very personalized and exceptional customer service. If you are looking for a quality orthotic lab, I would highly recommend Paragon."
Dr. Robert Sterin DPM
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"I have been working with Paragon Orthotic Laboratory for over thirty years and found their service and products to be second to none. Quick turnaround and helpful advice have made me a loyal customer. I recommend them to everyone who needs orthotics in my practice."
Dr. Lloyd Nesbitt DPM
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"Best orthotics lab in Canada. With a special interest in biomechanics and sports medicine I need to assure my patients that their orthotics will be precise —And to the exact specifications that I prescribe. Paragon Labs will go above and beyond in assuring that patients are happy and comfortable with their orthotics. Medicine is an art and science and while Paragon Labs follows the science biomechanically the art is in making changes to satisfy patients requirements. This lab is happy to modify or redo orthotics if patients find the prescribed correction is too much —or even not enough. That assures a patient that we are all looking after their best interests. There are a lot of labs making orthotics but the key is to follow the science of biomechanics as accurately as possible —and Paragon Labs does that."
Dr. David Tudo DCh
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"Paragon Orthotic Lab is one of the best labs I have dealt with. Their staff is always available on the phone and my patients are quite satisfied with their devices over the years."
Andrew Wadhwa PT
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"We aren't a big operation here at A.T. Home Physiotherapy & Orthotics but it's always been easy and a pleasure dealing with Paragon Orthotic Laboratory. We have been using them now for a number of years and as I mentioned earlier being a small "Mom and Pop" shop we feel they have always given us great service regardless of how much volume is going back on forth the customer service and product is always great. Over the years we feel that Paragon Orthotics only gets better and better. 5 stars for sure!"
Dr. Stanley Reznick DPM
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"I am a retired podiatrist who exclusively used Paragon Orthotic Laboratory during my thirty-seven years in practice. In addition to using state of the art fabrication techniques and materials, I found the staff to be knowledgeable and willing to help. Patient success for those requiring prescription foot orthotics was approximately 95%. It is strongly my recommendation that anyone requiring prescription foot orthotics have them made by a practitioner who uses Paragon Orthotic Laboratory."