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Hand crafting quality prescription orthoses for over thirty five years.

Our Quality

Paragon Quality

Although we use modern equipment and materials, we do not substitute the quality achieved by the sight and touch of experienced craftsmen, with automated milling or manufacturing processes. We do not assume one foot is a “mirror image” of the other. Every foot is different – even for the same patient – and we create each appliance uniquely.

Positive casts are created by hand, shells are vacu-formed, then finished to the touch. As a result, we achieve therapeutic benefits while providing the maximum support and comfort for the patient. Care is taken with the fit and finish to ensure a professional look and feel that matches the quality of the product.

Quality at Paragon Orthotics Laboratory is the result of research and development, experience, craftsmanship, and innovation. We provide consistently superior clinical results.

The Paragon Partnership

Our association with our prescribers is co-operative. Paragon Orthotic Laboratory provides technical advice in casting methods, assistance with product selection, patient brochures, and regular newsletters. We craft and ship your patients’ orthotics within five business days of receipt of your prescription.

We know you require flexibility in a number of areas. We accommodate rush orders, offer courier service, and have a program for free replacement of orthotics a child out grows. Payment may be prepaid, on account, or by Visa or Mastercard.

We know you need accurate information about your prescriptions. Wemanage your prescription information electronically from receipt through shipping, and can view it on a moment’s notice.

Patient satisfaction benefits both our customers and Paragon Orthotics Laboratory. Prescribers skilled in diagnosis, fitting, and adjusting appliances, are the key to the effectiveness of the orthotic we produce. We are pleased to support and promote your success.

Paragon Value

When you consider the experience of our staff, the quality of our products, the flexibility of our services, our no-risk guarantees, and our great prices, we are confident you will agree that Paragon Orthotic Laboratory offers superior value.

PFOLA Member

Non-profit professional Association dedicated to promoting and improving the efficacy of custom, prescription foot orthoses.