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Hand crafting quality prescription orthoses for over thirty five years.
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Welcome to Paragon Orthotic Laboratory

Canada’s Leading Manufacturer of Quality Prescription Orthoses

Paragon Orthotic Laboratory has been hand crafting quality prescription orthoses for over thirty five years.

We have grown by continually developing and refining techniques and materials to improve the quality of our products.
Our products are prescribed internationally by foot care professionals.

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Sports Orthotics
Sport Orthotics

Orthotics to overwhelm the competition

Patients seeking the very latest and best in sport orthotics will call on the
foot care specialist offering the advantages of the Paragon Orthotic Sport line.

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Express UFO
Express UFO

Unitized Functional Orthotic

Introducing our new UFO – Unitized Functional Orthotic. New advances in
technology and CAD (computer aided design) allow us to offer a more precise
orthotic that is less expensive with a faster delivery turnaround. The UFO
provides all our standard benefits such as minimum bulk and thinness for
easy fit while maintaining maximum biomechanical control.

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Dress, Standard & XT Sprint

Precisely fabricated from TL-2100 Carbon Graphite, a heat adjustable
thermo-plastic composite, both the Dress and Standard orthotics are
lightweight and easy-fitting.

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What Our Clients Say


As the old adage goes, you pay for what you get. At Paragon Orthotics, this is superior quality orthotics coupled with friendly customer service, years of lab experience, and reasonable pricing for their wide range of products. With the use of 3D laser scanners, their turn around time is extremely quick with a no hassle satisfaction guarantee within a reasonable timeframe. However, because of the experienced personnel in this lab, our clinic hardly ever has an issue with a Paragon orthotic and more often than not, patients reorder multiple pairs as a result of their positive experience. If you want a lab that is willing to work with you to provide the best clinical outcome for your patients, look no further as you have found it in Paragon Orthotics.

- Eddie Chan,


My wife and I have been using Paragon Orthotics for over 10 years. The quality of device and service has been exemplary. Even though we request the devices from the United Kingdom, we usually receive them back within a few weeks (better than our “home grown” companies) Paragon is prompt to respond to queries and in those ten years not one device has been defective or needed return. A Big thank you.

- Mike S, Lincolnshire, England

testimonial_quoteI have been using Paragon Orthotics Laboratory for over 10 years. I find the products very good bordering on excellence both in functionality and aesthetic appearance. For my private practice I require an orthotic that I can be confident and happy to issue to my patient; one that ‘speak of quality’ not only in the look and finish but also the quality of the patient literature and service. The laboratory is very helpful with ready access to a podiatric clinician and their skilled laboratory staff. The ‘icing on the cake’ from this laboratory is their Unitized Functional Orthoses (UFO). These are an orthoses that is very difficult to beat. They are low bulk, very good finish, fit easily in ladies shoes and have an option of a superb met bar ideal for bunions and first ray dysfunctions. The result from these orthoses have exceeded my hopes and not unusual in resolving back, shoulder and neck pain.

- Michael W, West Sussex, England

testimonial_quoteI have used Paragon since 1983. I have tried a few of the other labs but I have always stayed with Paragon as my primary orthotic lab. The main reasons are: The orthotics are well made, the finished product looks good and patient compliance has been very good. Customer service has always been excellent. The turnaround time from the time I ship to when I receive the finished product is pretty good. The odd time that I have encountered a problem with a pair of orthotics I have always been able to talk to a technician to find the correct solution.

- Chris F, Winnipeg, MB

testimonial_quoteTheir customer service is key – they remember me when I call and reorder. And it is always right. Even though there are labs that cost much less, the product Paragon produces is far superior in every way. The patients pay for the therapy and deserve the best available. Pick up and delivery are seamless. I have very few returns. All and all I use other labs but I use paragon the most.

- David A, Toronto, Canada

testimonial_quoteThere is a reason that I have been using Paragon Labs for 30+ years. You can find nice staff who are very competent at many places, but the quality of materials used in their orthotics is what stands out. As podiatrists, we often need to choose orthotic materials depending on the requirements of individual patients. We like to see orthotics having durability, but sometimes a combination of long lasting cushioning with some flexibility is required for comfort. Paragon’s orthotic materials offer all of the above. The proof is when a patient returns after many years for an evaluation of their orthotics. Most often the orthotics are still excellent. The orthotic materials speak for themselves as patients are pleasantly surprised as to the durability and comfort and are enthusiastic about continuing to wear them.

- Lloyd N, Toronto, Canada